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download, install and norton setup

When the device gets infected, it can cause a loss of your data and even money. Also, certain infections stay undetected for long periods. Even when they get detected, it becomes impossible to remove them. Each day, malware is evolving and becoming more and more complex. To protect the devices, one must get a strong security suite. Now, Norton is a brand that is very reputed. To stay protected at all times, get Norton setup from

Prerequisites For Norton Setup

When you install Norton antivirus product wrongly, then it may lead your device to freeze, work slowly, or malfunction. While many people know that installing a new antivirus when another one is already installed leads to conflicts, some may not know this. To get a clean Norton setup install, you need to remove and uninstall any older security suite. Also, make sure that you create a backup of all your data before. Now, you may need to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool to get a clean uninstall of older Norton antivirus. Make sure to reboot the computer once the uninstallation is done. Also, Mac users must check their download folder to see if any Norton setup file exists there. If yes, then they must delete it.

How to Download Norton Setup?

download, install and norton setup

It is not advised to download the Norton setup file in case the device has another antivirus installed in it. Moreover, you need to verify if the device is compatible with the Norton product or not. After this, hook up the device to the internet and follow the instructions give below to download Norton setup:

  1. Go on to the following URL:
  2. Once the webpage loads, tap on the Sign In button.
  3. Enter email and password.
  4. Now, from the homepage, select the Download Norton option.
  5. After this, insert the product key.
  6. Select the Next option.
  7. When indicated, read the Norton Download Terms and Conditions.
  8. Once done, press on the Agree and Download option.
  9. Soon the Norton setup file will start to download.

How to Install Norton Setup?

norton setup installation

Once you obtain the Norton setup from the web or disk, you may install Norton setup with the help of the instructions given below:

  1. Visit the Download section, in case the Run dialog does not appear.
  2. Right-click the Setup option.
  3. After that, click on "Run as Administrator."
  4. The User Account Control(UAC) screen shall appear.
  5. Select the Continue option.
  6. Follow the actions presented on display.
  7. Norton setup will get installed perfectly, and it shall run like a charm following its activation.

How to Activate Norton Setup?

Enter Norton product key

In order to activate the newly installed Norton setup, one needs to input the activation code. This activation code shall authenticate the setup and verify that the subscription is valid. Hence, you need to follow the step-by-step guideline given below to activate Norton setup using the unique product key.

  1. Firstly, sign in to your email associated with Norton.
  2. Click on the Norton product purchase email.
  3. Now, copy the 25-character alphanumeric product key mentioned in the mail.
  4. Windows 8 and newer users need to open the Start screen and click on Apps or All Apps.
  5. Place the cursor on Norton antivirus and double-click on it.
  6. Windows 7 and Vista users need to hit the Windows button and click on All Programs. Double-click on the Norton antivirus to open it.
  7. Or else, just locate the Norton icon from the system tray.
  8. Wait for the Norton software to launch.
  9. Now, click on the Activate button.
  10. Enter the copied product key in the blank.
  11. Click on the Next button.
  12. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  13. Click on Close when done.