Black Lightning to Be a Part of CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover

Black Lightning is one of the newer additions in the CW’s superhero genre shows. The show has been running for a while now, but it was not considered a part of the Arrowverse, until now. Recently it was announced that some of the Black Lightning’s characters would take part in the latest Arrowverse crossover event called Crisis on Infinite Earths. The other shows which are going to merge in this crossover event include The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow.

According to CW, the show itself is not going to take part in events like the other shows. Every other show in the crossover shares one separate episode. Some of the Black Lightning’s are going to take part in the upcoming crossover. The crossover is set to take place in December this year and will  continue to next year’s January. Also, the show’s third season is preponed a bit to October 7th.

The crossover will be loosely based on the 1985 comic crossover which was the cause of the reboot of the entire franchise at that time. An older version of Bruce Wayne will be played by Kevin Conroy who voiced Batman in the show Batman The Animated Series. It was also said that Brandon Routh, who has played the part of Superman in the 2006 movie Superman Returns, might reprise his role in the upcoming crossover.

Black Lightning was not considered a part of the larger Arrowverse for practical reasons. It was because Black Lightning was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia while every other show in the Arrowverse was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Logically traveling between the two cities would have been too difficult for everyone included in the shows. It cannot be considered practical, and it would not have worked economically either.

But considering the huge scale of the upcoming crossover, it looks like that CW has worked it all out somehow. Seeing as how Arrow is about to end, it can be a type of farewell event for the show plus it can help Black Lightning’s ratings too. However, this is not the first time that the CW has brought in characters technically out of their continuity. CW brought Supergirl out of CBS, and Matt Ryan was brought out of NBC’s Constantine after his show was canceled. The show has some mutual continuity with Flash- the animated series. CW may even gather up all of DC comics one day.

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